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Registration in this directory is temporary and only until the end of the prescription period. After this deadline, people who have not enrolled will be deleted from the directory.


1. For what purpose do we collect your personal information?

The directory service allows finding information regarding the people of an organization, in this case those related to the Universidad de Valladolid. This service uses a standard directory server LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). The registration in this directory is temporary to allow the students their pre-enrollment. After this period, those who have not completed the enrollment will be removed from the directory.

2. Who is responsible for data processing?

Universidad de Valladolid

CIF: Q4718001C

Address: Plaza del Colegio de Santa Cruz, 8

47002 Valladolid

3. How can you contact our data protection officer?

The University of Valladolid Data Protection Officer acts as supervisor and advisor in data protection compliance. For questions or inquiries, you can write to the email address

4. On what legal basis does the University of Valladolid processyour personal information?

The performanceof a task carried out in the public interest (6.1.e GDPR):

Developing thepublic interest task of higher education through research, teaching and study,as well as the creation, development, transmission and criticism of science andtechnology, based on Ley Orgánica 6/2001, de21 de diciembre, de Universidades.

5.Who are the recipients of your personal data?

No data is provided to third parties, except when legally obliged: to Judges and Courts of Law when required by the Law.

6. Is data transferred to a third country or to an international organization?

Internationaldata transfers are not foreseen.

7. How long will your data be stored?

The personal dataprovided will be kept according to the followingcriteria:

- If enrollment isnot completed, the assigned user names and related data willbe deleted, otherwise they will persist.

-We process and store your personal data as long as this is necessary forthe fulfilment of our contractual and legal obligations.

- The Universityof Valladolid, as a public institution, may store the information indefinitelyfor reasons of public interest based on the Law 16/1985, de 25 de junio, del Patrimonio Histórico Español y la L6/1991, de 19 de abril, de Archivos y del Patrimonio Documental de Castillay León.

8. How do we protect your information?

As PublicAdministration, we apply the technical and organizational measures of the Esquema Nacional de Seguridad.It includes several recommendations to ensure the security of informationsystems and thus prevent unauthorized access to data.

9. How can you exercise your rights?

In order to maintain control over your data, you may exercise the rights ofaccess, rectification, deletion, portability, limitation or opposition to theprocessing. You have to provide a proof of identity of the person concerned andjustify the reasons. Means:

Postalmail, addressed to Secretaría General, Plaza deColegio de Santa Cruz, 8 - 47002 Valladolid

  Emailto the address

Electronic or in person registry of theUniversity of Valladolid.

More information aboutthe specific conditions is available in:

10. Who guarantees your rights? Who can you claim?

In the event that you wish to lodge a complaint or obtain additionalinformation on the regulation of the processing of personal data in Spain, thecompetent authority is the Agencia Española de Protecciónde Datos (Jorge Juan, 6 28001-Madrid).